What are the advantages of owning a shed built by Country Cabins?

We begin with a strong foundation, 4" x 6" notched runners and Weathermatch flooring. We also offer lots of options and can customize your building to fit your needs and taste. Our dealers keep many sheds in stock, so you can walk in at any time, pick the shed you want and have it delivered within days! Better yet, you can sit down with one of our experienced and knowledgeable shed experts and design your own customized shed.

Are your buildings finished and livable?

Check local codes and zoning requirements regarding sizes, permanent foundations, and accessory dwellings. Our buildings—like standard hunting cabins—are an exterior shell that can be finished out and customized by the owner to transform them into tiny homes or vacation cabins. Our large hunting cabins have more square footage than a typical tiny home. Many customers choose to modify their buildings to their exact specifications. They install appliances and wire the buildings to be up-to-code with a local electrician. Local plumbers outfit our buildings with proper installation of waste disposal systems and water supply lines. We recommend digging a trench under the cabin where the sewer will be run and brought through the bathroom. It is recommended to dig the trench before the cabin delivery to eliminate hand digging. It allows the cabin to be set on the ground. It won’t have to be blocked up to get underneath. Local builders often add kitchens inside. Each building is easily heated and cooled.

How do you deliver your sheds?

Country Cabins recommends that you visit a dealer lot before ordering your shed. We always try to have many sheds on the property for you to see and compare. Visiting a dealer provides you the best opportunity to see the colors in person, and you can step inside the sheds to see the quality construction. In addition, you will get a true feel for the size of the shed you are interested in purchasing. You will also get to see many different features and options available on or in your shed.

How do I maintain my storage building?

Your new Country Cabin building was handcrafted for you by our skilled craftsmen and requires very little maintenance. Below are recommendations to help you maintain the beauty and structural integrity of your building.

  • When mowing or wind-whipping around your building, be careful not to scrape or hit it with the lawn mower or weed wacker.
  • Since your building is a portable structure, and is not set on a frost-free foundation, movement and/or settling can occur with ground freezing and thawing. This results in uneven doors, which may become hard to open and close. If this happens, you can use a car jack to lift the structure on the low side and place shims under the blocks to raise the building. This is a simple fix and will ensure the doors operate properly.
  • Country Cabins uses a high-quality paint, that with proper care, can last for more than 20 years. Touch-up paint can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. To find the original paint color, reference the order form of your building when ordering paint. When you have the color, call 717-299-6771 to order your touch-up paint.
  • Keep dirt from the sides of the building so water can drain away freely from the building. This will keep the building clean and dry. You do not want the building to be wet for extended periods of time as this may cause damage

Storage with Style

Durability with Class

At Shed Solutions, we proudly carry products built by the experienced craftsman at Country Cabins. Using high quality materials, they produce premium storage buildings and keep reasonable prices.

Our portable storage options are designed with a focus on durability and function, but with stylistic flair. Using our custom options, homeowners have created truly unique sheds, garages, barns, and more.

More than ever, owning a product to take care of your storage needs is affordable - especially with our Rent-to-Own options.


Protect Vehicles from the Elements

Garages by Country Cabins are custom built and heavy duty. With notched flooring that can handle large vehicles, these garages can store anything from vans to RVs with ease.
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Tan shed with wood accents

Garden Shed

Charming and Practical

Store your yard equipment in style with our Garden Sheds. With custom options for doors, siding, trim, and more, make your shed stand out!
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Mini Barns

Petite Barns for Yards of Any Size

Barns are such a rustic part of any countryside - and now they don’t need to be reserved for just big, sprawling properties. Stow your outdoor equipment, or create your workshop or she-shed, with style in a Mini Barn.
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Hunting Cabins

The Comforts of Home on the Trail

Our Hunting Cabins are spacious and built to last. Create the perfect getaway or hobby hub with our custom options for siding, lofts, and even workshops.
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High Barns

Classic Look: Practical Uses

Get the traditional look of a barn while enjoying all the extra room! Our High Barns give you double the vertical space for all your storage needs.
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